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"Hey, name's Zebediah Walker. Shop's back, so I'm back to work. Living with Doctor Allen Townsend if you need to get a hold of me."

Zebediah Walker is the owner of the local guns and weapons store, Walker's Weaponry, found in Westfield. A local of the town, he was once considered one of the 'tragedies' of Westfield - due to his father, stepmother, half-brother, and son all dying relatively close together, followed shortly by a divorce with his wife. Recently, however, he's gotten his life back to normal, and he's quite happy. Probably has something to do with a certain doctor...

{For the roleplay 'Seven Nation Army'}
Arms Dealer

Fancy Meeting You Here

“Now what’s an angel like you doing in a place like this?”

Glancing over at the interruption to his left, clear blue eyes narrowed on the auburn-haired meat suit of the demon approaching him. Dancing humans surrounded them, bodies pressed against sweat-slicked bodies, the smell of alcohol, arousal, and cheap food filling the air and choking down his throat. He rolled his shoulders, hands loose by his sides but shoulders taught – always ready to jump into action. Always ready to reach out and smite the closest demon that would dare slink its damned soul – stripped clean of its meat, of its virtue, of its humanity – near him.

This particular demon seemed to like playing with fire, however.

“What does it matter to vermin like you?”

“Touchy, luv,” the demon, apparently named Russell (quite the…quaint name for a demon, really), slid up beside the vessel, leaning back against the wall and cradling a glass of amber liquid as though it was the baby Jesus – pure and important and beloved. “I just think it’s strange that you’re here. Not exactly your environment, is it?” Rolling his head to the left, brown doe-eyes looked up at the towering angel, a quick smile on his lips. Elijah narrowed his eyes, still refusing to look at the demon but feeling his gaze on him – it was hot, like how he imagined Hell to be, and it was sharp.

(He was the only demon whose gaze felt like this. But he would never admit that aloud.)

“I have my reasons for being here.”

“Yes, yes, of course you do – angels always do, don’t they? Can’t just go to a club because you bloody well feel like it. You need to have a reason. Quite the dull life you lead, you realize?”

“I do what I must.”

“For your own sake, or for your missing father’s sake? You know he’s not paying any attention to you at all, yes?”

Lips pulling together tightly, Elijah finally looked down at Russell with a cool glare, hands balled into controlled fists. Looking up at him with an innocent blink and a lifting of his brows, the demon threw back a swallow of his drink, lowered it, and held it out with a secretive little smile, eyes crinkling in the corner from dark amusement. “Drink?”


“Not even a ‘no, thank you’? Where are you manners, Elijah, you really are terrible to me.”

“Are you here for a purpose, or are you here to distract me from what I’m supposed to be doing?”

“Am I distracting you from what you are supposed to be doing?”

“No, you are simply annoying me.”

“Drat. Then no, I am not here to distract you. I thought I’d come over and see what you were doing other than propping up the wall and scaring off all the little mortals from your corner of righteousness and holier-than-thou…ness.”

“It is none of your concern.”

“Of course it isn’t, which is exactly why I’m asking.” Russell gave a cheeky grin then, batting his lashes at the stoic angel. When he didn’t react, the demon sighed and shook his head, draining the remaining liquor from his glass and handing it over to a stumbling human who happened by. The drunken man took the glass with a blink and a funny little smile before stumbling off, Russell and Elijah watching him as he wove back into the crowds.

Elijah turned away from the drunken mess to look around for Kaelan, sighing softly to himself when he still couldn’t find him. Where had he disappeared to? Had he run in with Charles? This was not the time for Kaelan to talk with his strange…whatever he was. They had places to be, things to do, duties to finish. They could not waste time in dens of inequity such as this. It made his skin crawl.

(Or perhaps that was just the closeness of the demon beside him.)

“Leave me, now, and I will not send you back to the Pit.”

“I’m shaking in my pristine Gucci boots, sweetheart.”

Narrowing his eyes on the other once more, he pushed away from the wall abruptly and made his way towards the door, sighing in relief when the humans around him parted like the Red Sea to allow him to pass. Russell followed closely behind him, apparently determined to not allow him to get away so easily.

Feeling a tick twitch on his forehead, the angel turned around suddenly, grabbed the demon, and hauled him close so that their noses were touching, lips barely centimetres apart.

“I do not. Have the time. To deal with you. Leave me be, Russell.”

“Where’s the fun in that, Eli-jah~?

“I hear living’s a quirk.” Kaelan suddenly appeared behind Elijah, smiling in his distant smile as though he had been there the entire time. Elijah let go of the demon quickly, pushing him back and turning to his partner with a narrowing of his eyes and a faint sneer. “Ah, hello to you as well, Elijah. Shall we get going?”

“…Yes,” the angel murmured. Kaelan turned and walked off ahead of him, Elijah going to follow – and was promptly stopped when Russell grabbed onto his overcoat’s sleeve. “What.”

“I felt like you were gonna do or say something before Adonis showed up out of the blue,” Russell said quickly, his British accent colouring his hurried words. Quirking a brow at him (something he’d seen Kaelan do numerous times when he was confused by something Elijah had said), he narrowed his eyes and shook his head slowly, pulling his arm out of the demon’s hold.

“I was not going to say or do anything,” he murmured softly, eyes lowering to the ground. Russell snorted and his eyes snapped back to him.

“You’re a terrible liar, mate. But alright, fine, be secretive. I’ll see you around, aye?” Giving a wink, he grinned cheekily and tipped an invisible hat, meandering through the crowds and effectively disappearing.

Eyeing the crowd suspiciously, the angel turned and stalked out, catching up with his partner and intent on questioning as to where he had been for the past two hours.